Efata Baptist Church

Efata Ministries is a special ministry to the Deaf based in Lima, Peru. Efata Ministries consists of:

Efata was founded and pioneered by missionary Vernon Miller, who himself was deaf.  Vernon worked to bring the Gospel to the Deaf for over 40 years, first in Jamaica for four years and later in Peru, where he was eventually joined by his wife, Velma. The Millers retired to the United States in September of 2000 after a very fruitful work.

Efata is now under the watch-care and direction of missionaries Joe and Lisa Kotvas. The Kotvases have over 20 years of experience working with the Deaf.  They have been working in Peru for over nine years, continuing and expanding the hope and vision that Vernon and Velma began.

The Kotvases are assisted by dedicated staff who labor together as a team to educate, care for and reach deaf children and adults and their families with the Gospel.

Efata Ministries is a forward-looking ministry, and our missions team desires to make a difference among the Deaf not only in Peru, but also in all of Spanish-speaking South America and beyond as God gives liberty and opportunity.