Efata Training Center

The Efata Training Center exists to train American and National missionaries and workers to work with the Deaf in Spanish speaking countries and anywhere God calls them to go.

What we Teach

The Training Center focuses on the uniqueness of reaching the Deaf, not on the specific sign language of any particular country. Our purpose is to train Deaf workers and missionaries in ministry and missions on the foreign field.  Our program will give the trainee a unique training environment where they can learn how to meet the needs specific to the country they are called.

As the needs of the Deaf differ from country to country, the training is tailored to work in the areas most needed.  For example, a missionary may be going to a country with an advanced educational and support system for deaf peopleand thus may not need to focus on building a school or orphanage for the Deaf.  He would focus on learning how to build a deaf church.  Another missionary may be going to a very third-world country that has very little in the way of support for deaf people. They would likely need to learn all aspects of deaf ministry, including church, school and care facilities such as orphanages.

Length of Training

The length of time required for training depends on the individual needs of those being trained. It can be take as little time as three months or as long as several years.


Regardless of the country and needs of the missionary trainee, we are here to serve and act as a resource for all who would like to learn and be aware of Deaf missions. We partner with like-faith ministries to provide the maximum amount of help we can for all who would care to help bring the Deaf to the feet of Jesus!

Contact us at info@efata.org for more information.